Photoflex Starlite Octodome SoftBox

A superb 1k octodome softbox


 The Photoflex Starlite Octodome provides a soft, even light output and is ideal as a key light. It is constructed to be long-lasting, durable, dependable with an inner baffle eliminates hot spots.

Dimensions: 32.5″ x 32.5″ x 12.5″ 

The OctoDome nxt kit is an all-inclusive lighting station designed for studio photography and video production. Designed for the Starlite continuous light source the OctoDome can also be used with strobe lights using a Photoflex Strobe Connector.

The front diffusion face and inner baffle are removable to accommodate lighting from high-contrast to very soft. The low profile of the OctoDome nxt saves studio space whilst aluminium tipped steel support rods offer strength and durability.

  • Patented Brimstone™ fabric for heat-resistance
  • Low profile saves studio space.
  • Works with constant or strobe lights.
  • Constructed to be long-lasting, durable, dependable.
  • Inner baffle eliminates hot spots.
  • Face diffuser for soft, even light output.

For more information on Gels visit the complete Lee filters list.

Weight: 2 lb


Kit Includes:

Carry bag
Egg Crate
Starlite OctoConnector Starlite 1000 Watt Lamp
Starlite OctoConnector Starlite 500 Watt Lamp
2214 Lite Stand -height: 8’2″max. load: 12lbsweight: 3 lbs. 8 oz
Starlight Gels cut to fit:
CTB (201), 1/2 CTB (202), 1/4 CTB (203), 1/8 CTB (218)
Full Fluorescent (242), 1/2 Fluorescent(245) 1/4 Fluorescent(246), 1/8 Fluorescent(248)
ND .9 (211), ND .6 (210), ND.3 (209)