Photoflex Starlite Medium Softbox

A superb 1K softbox

The SilverDome® nxt: medium offers versatility and ease-of-use with beautiful lighting results. The removable front diffusion face interior baffle allow for a variety of lighting configurations. It is ideal for overhead installations where hot lights are used and can be used with strobes or continuous lighting. Switch between large source soft lighting and higher contrast lighting in seconds by removing the Velcro attached face.

Dimensions: 24″ x 32″

Soft box shell made from heat-resistant Brimstone fabric. Silver interior ensures maximum light output.

The Photoflex Starlite Softbox provides a soft, even light output and is ideal as a key light. It is constructed to be long-lasting, durable, dependable with an inner baffle eliminates hot spots.

The OctoDome nxt kit is an all-inclusive lighting station designed for studio photography and video production. Designed for the Starlite continuous light source the OctoDome can also be used with strobe lights using a Photoflex Strobe Connector.

The front diffusion face and inner baffle are removable to accommodate lighting from high-contrast to very soft. The low profile of the OctoDome nxt saves studio space whilst aluminium tipped steel support rods offer strength and durability.

  • Patented Brimstone™ fabric for heat-resistance
  • Low profile saves studio space.
  • Works with constant or strobe lights.
  • Constructed to be long-lasting, durable, dependable.
  • Inner baffle eliminates hot spots.
  • Face diffuser for soft, even light output.

The kit comes with its own carry bag for easy transport and storage.

£20 / DAY

Kit Includes

Egg Crate
Starlite OctoConnector Starlite 1000 Watt Lamp
Starlite OctoConnector Starlite 500 Watt Lamp
2214 Lite Stand -height: 8’2″max. load: 12lbsweight: 3 lbs. 8 oz
Starlight Gels cut to fit:
CTB (201), 1/2 CTB (202), 1/4 CTB (203), 1/8 CTB (218)
Full Fluorescent (242), 1/2 Fluorescent(245) 1/4 Fluorescent(246), 1/8 Fluorescent(248)
ND .9 (211), ND .6 (210), ND.3 (209)

For more information on Gels visit the complete Lee filters list.