Master Interview Kit

DSLR Kit Rental Edinburgh

£60 PER DAY / £240 PER WEEK

Our Master Interview Kit Includes:

+ x2 Daylight Balanced F&V 1×1 LED Light panels with a variety of gels

+ Dedo Felloni Foldable Softbox and Grid

+ Dedolight DLH4  150w x2 (with dimmers, x2Dedolight DPOW3 3pin XLR power extension cable,s Gobos, DP1 and 4hr cigarette lighter battery pack and spare bulbs)

+ Small dedo style Stands x3

+ Large Bowens Stands x2

+ All packed together in a Think Tank logistics manager 30 case (Exterior Dimensions: 15.75” W x 30” H x 11.5” D (40 x 76 x 29 cm)


X2 F&V 1×1 LED Light panel
x2 Dedolight DLH4  150w
X5 Stands
All packed together in a large capacity rolling gear bag and a lighting stand bag.