Lishuai Edge 608ASV Bi-Colour Soft LED Light Kit

Ultra Soft 3200K-5600K LED Studio Light Kit with High CRI

The Lishuai Edge 608ASV achieves an even soft light output with a 120 degree spread. This gives a beautiful flattering light and avoids harsh shadows, perfect for lighting people. These lights are a great choice for lighting interviews, narrative work or anything else where you want a flattering light source.

Fantastic Colour Accuracy
Achieving high TLCI and CRI measurements at a range of colour temperatures, you can trust the quality of light from the Lishuai Edge range. Colour accuracy is so important for video production, so make sure your light source is going to make your subject look fantastic.

Perfect for Chroma Key work
The long thin shape, coupled with the soft light output means that the Edge 608ASV is perfect for lighting chroma key backdrops evenly. Placed vertically either side of a background, you’ll get a soft even light across your frame, avoiding hotspots and making your life easier in post production.

Bi-Colour 3200K to 5600K
The Bi-Colour version gives you the flexibility to match both inside tungsten light sources and daylight, meaning you can light in any situation.

Flexible Power Options
With both a 12V AC power input and a V-Lock battery plate the Lishuai Edge 608ASV gives you the flexibility to keep your light running all day long, whatever the location.

The Lishuai Edge 608ASV is specially designed for use in Film/TV. Meaning you get flicker free light, even in high frame rates.

Key Features:

  • Variable Colour Temperature from 5600K to 3200K
  • Soft and High CRI similar to natual light
  • Ultra soft for photo and studio
  • LCD screen shows the brightness and colour temperature

Product Specification

Model No. C-608ASV
Illuminance 1433 Lux / 0.5m, 470 Lux / m
Beam angle 75 degree
Color temperature 3200k-5600K ( + / – 300K )
CRI >92
Output power 60W real power drawing
Working Voltage DC 14.8V – 16.8V
Dimension  768 x 121 x 95 mm
Weight  4.7 kgs