HD Glidetrack slider - 60cm

Larger rails for heavier set ups

 £30 PER DAY

Our Glidetrack Slider is 60 cm and was originally an .75cm HD Glidetrack shooter, however we have chop a bit off, custom fitted it with new feet from Hague and a heavy duty Manfottto Mannesium Ball Head. and we think it’s far better. It’s actually more similar to the new range of Glidetrack Aero sliders, however this IS NOT the Hybrid version (as pictured), but we love it just the way it is.


  • Adjust from floor mounted slider, to tripod mounted slider to shoulder support in seconds!
  • They can be adjusted without tools in a fraction of a second, you just press the button and turn, then release to lock!
  • Crane type moves. By mounting your Glidetrack at one end, you can do pseudo crane moves on the fly.
  • The carriage can be locked in position using the small adjuster on the side of the carriage.
  • Will fit easily in your luggage for transportation/travel.

Out Glidetrack Slider  features a 3/8″ thread and its heavy duty construction makes the Shooter HD perfect for owners of medium to heavy camera/camcorder setups. The HD range is intended for larger setups or for DSLR users who are using rail systems with matte boxes and larger follow focus/audio recorders/mics as part of their rig. Even though the Shooter HD combines both a camera slider and a shoulder support in one product, you can be assured that the build quality is of the highest standard and represents a premium product in the portable dolly market. If you’re looking to bring more diversity to your compositions without sacrificing flexibility and setup speed – the Glidetrack Shooter HD is exactly what you need, with the added capability to accommodate heavier setups.