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teleprompter available for hire

Our Edinburgh Teleprompter hire is a folding system for tablets and phones and is available for hire throughout Scotland and can include a teleprompter operator.

The Autocue EyePrompter is a folding teleprompter for tablets and phones. Larger than most tablet prompters, the EyePrompter gives the producer/director a wider field of view in tight set ups. It folds to the size of a thick laptop and uses a high quality glass beamsplitter. The EyePrompter has a padded, zippered carrying case and a baby spud adapter for mounting the unit in front of camera, on your baby stand.

£80 / day Kit Includes

+ Autocue EyePrompter

+Manfrotto Nano Lighting stand

+ Amazon Kindle with Prompter software

+ Can also be used with your iphone


The unit folds for setup in less than 60 seconds.  Tablet and software are not included.  Tablet size up to 8.25 inches (210mm) x 11 inches (280mm)

8 inches (203mm) x 9.25 (235mm)  x 12 (305mm) when built to shoot.

12 inches (305mm) x 12 (305mm) x 1.5 (38mm) when folded flat.

100mm lens port hole