Camera Operator

Terms and Conditions


This agreement formulates established work practices and etiquette of the industry and by which the above production company operates.

Booking Policy

Once a shoot is confirmed by both parties and dates, call times, and fees are agreed upon via e-mail, the date will be considered booked. If a shoot is booked verbally, it must be then followed up with an e-mail from the production company giving confirmation of dates/times and fees agreed upon and re-confirmed via e-mail by Ryan Blackwood.

Cancellation Fees

A cancellation fee will apply at the rate of 50% of the Full Day Rate if the shoot is cancelled within 48 hours of the pre-agreed call time. A cancellation fee of 100% of the Full Day Rate will apply if the shoot is cancelled within a 24 hour period from the agreed upon call time. These cancellation times are to be measured by standard business days, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Force Majeur Cancellations

“Force Majeur” means superior force. Such forces could include fire, earth quakes, labor strikes, war, civil unrest, tsunamis, or hurricanes. Force Majeur Cancellations DO NOT apply to rain, potential rain, fog, heat, or other usual weather occurrences. Due to a Force Majeur, either party may cancel a shoot with out cancellation fee or without standard notice without threat of legal ramifications. However, reimbursement of any production rental equipment, travel expenses already made, etc., will still be owed by production company even in case of Force Majeur cancellation.

Standard production workday

Standard production workday is up to 10 hours including a one hour meal break. An additional meal break is required after the 10th hour. Work performed over 10 hours will be billed at one and one half hours of the of the hourly rate of a 10 hour workday up to the 14th hour. Hour 14 and beyond will be billed at double-time of the hourly rate of a 10 hour workday. Overtime will be billed in 1/4 hour increments.

Standard production workday Day Rate will typically begin at the time Camera Operator is required to be at studio to begin camera/production set-up, or at time Camera Operator is required to pick up and transport production equipment from studio or other location to shoot location. For out of town shoots involving travel, Day Rate will begin at time Camera Operator is required to be at airport, train station, etc to travel to shoot destination, or, if required, at time Camera Operator is require to pick up production equipment from studio or other location to take along to airport, or other transportation facility. For local travel shoots (shoots within 30 miles of Edinburgh) requiring Camera Operator to use own vehicle, Standard Production workday will begin at Camera operator “call time” at location or studio. If shoot location is within 30 miles of Edinburgh it is considered a “local shoot” and travel time will not be billed if Camera Operator uses own vehicle, unless operator is required to pick up and deliver production equipment in own vehicle then Day Rate begins at time of pick up. Any shoot located beyond a 30 mile radius from industry standard point Edinburgh is considered an “out of town” location shoot. Camera Operator Day Rate will then begin after 30 miles of travel to shoot location from studio or industry standard location in Edinburgh whenever Camera Operator travels in his own vehicle. Current standard milage rates will also apply after the first 30 miles.

Out-of-town Shoot

The Full Date Rate will always be implemented during a shoot when Camera Operator is on an out of town shoot requiring an overnight stay. This rate will apply whether the shoot takes 1 hour or 9 hours. The full day rate will also apply on any day when a shoot was planned, but then is cancelled for any reason once Camera Operator has arrived at travel destination and is prepared to shoot. If advance of shoot travel days are required that do not include production work of any kind on such day, but include travel only, a “travel day” rate will apply which is typically a one-half day rate if travel time is less than 5 hours. For travel time of more than 5 hours requiring an overnight stay, a full day rate will then apply unless otherwise negotiated in writing in advance of shoot. When out-of –town, Standard Production Workday rate ends when Camera Operator has completed all work per day required for shoot, including packing / storing or transporting equipment.