Proficient with FCP, and experienced across Premier, Photoshop and After Effects

As a FCP editor I work for a range of international clients delivering cohesive and quality films. We work with a range of formats and frequently deliver projects to media and advertising companies with a very short turn-around encoded for optimisation on whatever format you require.

An older and wiser editor once told me it’s all about achieving the right rhythm and pace, so please have a look at this promotional film we produced from the EIFF created from a random section of films, to create something we think does justice to the wide range of films on display that year.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

With a set brief and a tight turnaround I was required to work closely with the festival to deliver a major PR and marketing components. Within the role I commissioned music and conformed a wide variety of film aspect ratios, frame rates and formats to something that could be screened at the Filmhouse Cinema – home of of the festival. I also managed the design and supply of MPUs for websites such as the The Scotsman, IMDB, Filmhouse and The List.

Homecoming 2014 Showcase

Working with Cask productions and a slim collection of Visit Scotland footage I used after effects and FCP to summarise the programme of events so far with what events were yet to follow.

Camera Operator showreel

Well, at least I had some good content….

Scottish Power

The footage was delivered on the day and edited into this promotional piece in 10 hours on behalf of clients, Scottish Power.  As a live event editor I am often require to work to tight deadlines and encode completed films for the web.