Edinburgh Zoo’s Trainspotting

Edinburgh Zoo’s Trainspotting – a recreated a homage to the original 1996 cult film Trainspotting and the iconic ‘Choose Life’ scene that kickstarted Danny Boyle’s career. I shot and edited this campaign for Stripe Communications and it was definitely one of my more unusual days out….

‘Choose Scotland, choose Edinburgh, choose visiting the giant pandas, choose meeting a meerkat, choose brilliant birds, choose the penguin parade, choose Tiger Tracks, choose a great day out, choose Edinburgh Zoo!’

Shaun Bell of Stripe Communications was thrilled with the campaign which has  received over 160,000 views and 2,000 likes!


Homecoming Scotland 2014 Showcase


This week I was commissioned to edit a showcase Homecoming Scotland 2014 events for Visit Scotland. The film provides a short, sharp and punchy snapshot of some of the Homecoming events from the first six months and what’s yet to come.


On a technical note:using so much recycled material from their archive meant having to try and remove lots of preexisting embedded graphics. I was able to do 90% but resizing and using a 2.35 aspect ratio to hide things, but there remains a few elusive ones that I couldn’t remove. Such is life. It does irritate me though, clean content next time please!

When dealing with a project like this that contains a wide variety of aspect ratio, format and styles clients can forget that you don’t just drop it all together, it can take time to conform things to standards and integrating the motion graphics (especially across programmes) take time. The project was edited on FCP 7 (yes, still struggling on before I jump to Premier or X…) and After Effects CS 5 for the motion graphics.