MoneyWeek Interviews

Last night I was filming a 30-minute interview and some vox pops for MoneyWeek. The interviewer was Merryn Somerset Webb the Editor in chief MoneyWeek, who also writes for the Financial Times and the Sunday Post. I filmed her as she interviewed Gillian Tett, British author and award-winning journalist at the Financial Times, where she is a markets and finance columnist and U.S. Managing Editor. They discussed Gillian’s new book The Silo Effect: Why putting everything in its place isn’t such a bright idea.

It was a multi-camera set up shooting with a Canon C100 and a Samyang 85mm 1.4 (on Merryn), a Canon 5D mk 3 and a Canon 70-200mm (on Gillian) ands another Canon 5D mk 3 with a Samyang 24mm 1.4 (covering the profile wide). Unusually I used all three F&V 4000 LED Panel Lights, one on each of the contributors and another erring towards Merryn with the director of the windows, I also had a Dedolight behind each of them as a highlight with a half CTB gel for Merryn and a full CTB gel for Gillian.

Denzil Skinner & Partners video

Here is a series of four corporate videos I shot on behalf of Tanami for Denzil Skinner & Partners.

Edinburgh jewellers, Denzil Skinner & Partners provide a personal and discreet service in the design and creation of bespoke jewellery and silver commissions. Denzil and Amanda use their design expertise and extensive industry knowledge to offer considered advice and to guide you through the process of designing from new, redesigning unworn jewellery to create fabulous new designs and  engagement rings.

Standard Life mortgage video

It’s been a busy week, but it all began with a shoot at Standard Life HQ. Here I have lit for a 2 person interview using a 1k softbox as the main key light with a LED panel covering  the other speaker. Behind each person is a dedolight, and in the background I’ve used an Arri 650 with a turquoise gel to bring some depth to the hanging room divider. I shot on a C100 while the B-cam was a C300 (I know, crazy right?) but it was for web and while I’m happy shooting with anything it was juts more convenient this way.

corporate video shoot edinburgh

Solar Access solar panels film

Yesterday I was shooting a film for Solar Access. We travelled to York to film some of the 4,000 solar panels they have installed at the John Smiths Brewery. SolarAccess is an international designer, developer and operator of industrial solar power projects with activities in various European locations. The brewery is operated by Heineken, who hosts the largest solar energy systems of any brewery in Europe.


Homecoming Scotland 2014 Showcase


This week I was commissioned to edit a showcase Homecoming Scotland 2014 events for Visit Scotland. The film provides a short, sharp and punchy snapshot of some of the Homecoming events from the first six months and what’s yet to come.


On a technical note:using so much recycled material from their archive meant having to try and remove lots of preexisting embedded graphics. I was able to do 90% but resizing and using a 2.35 aspect ratio to hide things, but there remains a few elusive ones that I couldn’t remove. Such is life. It does irritate me though, clean content next time please!

When dealing with a project like this that contains a wide variety of aspect ratio, format and styles clients can forget that you don’t just drop it all together, it can take time to conform things to standards and integrating the motion graphics (especially across programmes) take time. The project was edited on FCP 7 (yes, still struggling on before I jump to Premier or X…) and After Effects CS 5 for the motion graphics.