Dolly: The world’s most famous sheep

In July 1996, scientists at the Roslin Institute created the world’s first animal cloned from an adult cell.
Dolly the sheep was created in a laboratory using an adult cell taken from one sheep to fertilise an egg from another. The fused cell was then implanted into a foster mother.

It was a breakthrough in the history of genetic engineering. Researchers hoped it would enable new ways of treating debilitating diseases, but critics were worried it opened the door to human cloning.
Sir Ian Wilmut led the team of scientists.

You can watch Witness a these times on BBC World News.

Witness the stories of our times told by the people who were there.

Visit Jambi this Halloween at Edinbrugh Zoo

Here’s a short promotional video for the Tiger Tracks enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo. Jambi is a male Sumatrian tiger and in the wild they’re found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. In 2008 as the population was estimated at 441 to 679 individuals. The population suffers because they require natural forest area, and tend to use areas closer to forest centres – which are in decline due to human agricultural – largely palm oil plantations – destroying their natural habitat.

Through the RZSS – a conservation charity on my doorstep – Edinburgh Zoo are taking practical action on the ground to study and protect wildlife.

conservation information



PBS Newshour – Jackie Kay

This week I was working for PBS Newshour anchor and senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown. I love getting to shoot as a news cameraman, It’s such an honour to shoot for real broadcasters historic events like Scotland’s referendum coverage.

We were filmed an interview with Scotland’s makar Jackie Kay at Stirling University as a part of PBS’ Newshour.



Tiger Tracks at Edinburgh Zoo

I spent a couple of hours testing the 150fps slow motion on the Sony FS7 camera at Edinburgh Zoo. Jen and Olly got to see  Jambi, the magnificent male tiger up close through the new Tiger Tracks enclosure.

The Sumatran tiger is a subspecies of tiger found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and it is estimated that fewer than 400 of these majestic tigers are left in the wild. In 1978, experts estimated the population of Sumatran tigers at 1,000. Whilst these tigers are protected by law in Indonesia, increased deforestation and poaching has led to their significant decline and, without help, the Sumatran tiger faces the very real threat of extinction.

Don’t think changing to a tasty eco palm-oil free peanut butter can really make a difference. Only lobbying your politician or support an organization campaigning on these issues can really help at this stage. Fewer than 400!

Support an organisation like the WWF to donate to help stop poachers from killing these beautiful animals.

Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival Trailer

The Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival will take place between the 15th-26th of June, now in its landmark 70th edition the festival trailer brief was to include as many of the films as possible. It was cut in 4 days and I love the creativity of this type of fast paced job, where you’re collecting up all these films and create new meaning and association out of the clips. Hopefully it has a nice balance of fun and creativity and will encourage people to check out the festivals selection for 2016.

The project was edited on Final Cut Pro X and I was able to include 112 films (I think probably the most ever included in the EIFF trailer) and I confirmed everything to fit a 2.35 aspect ratio. I worked as the Digital content producer for the festival in 2011 and I know from experience what a hard, but incredibly rewarding job creating the trailer can be. 5 years ago things were alot harder with most of the films being a nasty mix of frame rates, aspect ratios, formats and codecs so made it a big editing challenge.

For the 2016 version the quality of the films and editing software allowed to to push passed technical issues much quicker, to get to the funs stuff – choosing and position clips including Trainspotting and childhood favourite E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It’s a mountain of content to sift through and to cut films of these caliber down to a two or three shots is tricky. But my hope was to not choose really obviously shots and link them well where possible. Hopefully people like my toilet humour 😉

Get to know: Glasgow

Get to know Glasgow, one of Scotland most vibrant and exciting cities. Great food and drink, incredible culture and nightlife: it’s also famously friendly. Produced by Visit Britain this film was shot over the 5 and 6th of August with directed by Mark McKenna. It was a a fast paced most shoulder mounted shoot, filming at over dozen venues a day. From foodie places like the legendary Ubiquitous Chip and the super-cool Stravaigin, to Porter and Sons the Oran Mor and The Finnieston – where I had the freshest, tastiest  fish I’ve had all year! To display the city’s cultural wears we visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the hyper-modern Riverside Museum and the People’s Palace and the Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed Willow Tearooms. I had never been to the Auchentoshan distillery before and we had a whistle-stop tour of the place. We also had a quick mixology lesson at the Corinthian Club before. I think Butterfly Films should shoot some weddings there, a landmark venue! The whole shoot was mesmerising, I felt like I got a full on Glagow experience during the crazy 2 day shoot. The film was shot using a Canon C100 with a Ninja Blade recorder and a Sony A7s with metabones adapter.


Mr Q and The Qatari Guy in Edinburgh

Khalifa and Hamad – aka Mr Q and the Qatari Guy are the founder of ‘I love Qatar’ and a stand-up comedian respectively. Digital Ape and Visit Britain wanted travel stories during their visit and highlight key moments of their trip in Arabic. 

Together with Digital Ape and Visit Britain we filmed a series of films as a part of a wider campaign promoting Britain to the GCC countries – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Quatar, Bahrain, Oman a

Erasmus+ Conference videos

Yesterday I was the Erasmus+ annual conference 2015 which was held at the John McIntyre Conference Centre. I  was working with 20/20 newbie, producer Andrew Botros and we shot 9x 2-3 minute individual interviews as standalone videos and lots of shots of people engaging at the conference.

Isle of Skye video shoot

This is a completely unofficial edit I did too see what I shot earlier this week I was filming on the Isle of Skye on behalf of CompassLight Productions. The video shoot involved filming at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (Gaelic College), the Clan Donald Centre at Armadale and Gaelic Whiskies. The goal was to capture authenticity and interactions with the locals. CompassLight wanted to provide an authentic picture of the locales visited – energetic, bustling, lively and off-the-beaten-path. Using my travel days I explored more of the north of the island, at the Cuillin mountains and ranged as far north as Portree and the Old Man of Storr.

2015-09-06 16.45.37

2015-09-07 07.19.27

MoneyWeek Interviews

Last night I was filming a 30-minute interview and some vox pops for MoneyWeek. The interviewer was Merryn Somerset Webb the Editor in chief MoneyWeek, who also writes for the Financial Times and the Sunday Post. I filmed her as she interviewed Gillian Tett, British author and award-winning journalist at the Financial Times, where she is a markets and finance columnist and U.S. Managing Editor. They discussed Gillian’s new book The Silo Effect: Why putting everything in its place isn’t such a bright idea.

It was a multi-camera set up shooting with a Canon C100 and a Samyang 85mm 1.4 (on Merryn), a Canon 5D mk 3 and a Canon 70-200mm (on Gillian) ands another Canon 5D mk 3 with a Samyang 24mm 1.4 (covering the profile wide). Unusually I used all three F&V 4000 LED Panel Lights, one on each of the contributors and another erring towards Merryn with the director of the windows, I also had a Dedolight behind each of them as a highlight with a half CTB gel for Merryn and a full CTB gel for Gillian.

My Times Plus event – Rugby World Cup

Last night I was working for London Based RiseMedia filming an exclusive My Times Plus event about the upcoming Rugby World Cup. The videos will showcase the entire event as acts as a teaser to entice potential subscribers. Scott Hasting answers questions with a panel of three other at the BT Murrayfield stadium.

I was filming with Mike Lienard and Dan Goodall who are producing a series of the film across the country. Long standing friends and talented filmmakers I wish I was joining the team on the road… Despite knowing nothing about rugby it was a really interesting talk, so I’m armed with enough information to make a better informed better on the Rugby World Cup winner now!

I was filming on the SonyPXW- FS7 care of Procam, sadly not at 180fsp – might have been overkill for this event. Our sound recordist was the talented Pete Smith

Right now I’m packing my bags as I’m off to prepare for a shot for Moneyweek tonight…

Prostate Cancer UK Scottish Senior Scottish Open

Yesterday I was filming the Prostate Cancer UK Scottish Senior Scottish Open at Archerfield Link Golf Course. Archerfield Link Golf Course is the latest venue for the running of the 23rd Scottish Senior Scottish Open. This year Prostate Cancer UK became the new title sponsor and they asked me to produce a promotionl video for next years event. The disease affects over 40,000 men in the United Kingdom and the charity hopes to raise awareness and target men through sport. Two notable people I had the chance to interview were England Test cricketer Ian Bothham and Alex Salmond. The former first minister took the time to have a photo taken and later that evening brought me his autobiography and signed it. A true gent.

Denzil Skinner & Partners video

Here is a series of four corporate videos I shot on behalf of Tanami for Denzil Skinner & Partners.

Edinburgh jewellers, Denzil Skinner & Partners provide a personal and discreet service in the design and creation of bespoke jewellery and silver commissions. Denzil and Amanda use their design expertise and extensive industry knowledge to offer considered advice and to guide you through the process of designing from new, redesigning unworn jewellery to create fabulous new designs and  engagement rings.

Prostate Cancer UK shoot at the Open, St Anrdews

Today I was shooting for Prostate Cancer UK shoot at the Open, in St Andrews. I was filming senior professional golfer and radio 5 live commentator, Andrew Murray. He has been actively raising both funds and awareness within the  golfing community after his golf mentor Brian Nield was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I also interviewed Des Smyth, a former member for the European Tour (25 years) a former Ryder Cup player he represented Europe in 1979 and 1981. The video was designed to capture engaging content from professional golfers to share and raise the profile of Prostate Cancer UK among the golfing audience

Burns Masterclass Toast To The Lassies

Here’s the ”Burns Masterclass Toast To The Lassies” I was assisting with last week  for Foundlight / Visit Scotland. It was shot with the Sony A7 it was lit by little more than the candles….(okay a very small dedo softbox and a tiny amount of backlight), still I was very impressed.

Scottish Referendum filming

As a Scottish camera operator during the Referendum I provided live coverage for channels like Antena 3, Arte, Tele Madrid, Telecinco, RTVE, PRVA and 8TV. A belated post sharing some snaps I captured in November during the Independence referendum. I’m sure lots of Scottish camera operators worked throughout the Scottish Independence referendum and things certainly picked up over the days in the lead up. I worked for Overon providing live broadcast coverage for mostly European TV channels . The most exciting of these was a two person shoot for Arte so went live to France and Germany. The shoot required a bit of shoulder shooting being directing from the OB truck as they cut between the two-camera set up, live from the Royal Mile. Sadly once the ‘No’ vote came through on the friday things cooled off a little – so Friday wasn’t filled with the same sense of energy!

20140919_170949 20140919_141142
20140918_135951 20140917_135955 20140917_135753

Where You’re Meant To Be – Teaser Trailer

‘Where You’re Meant To Be’ is a feature length musical road trip from Aidan Moffat and Paul Fegan. I was a camera operator supporting my friend and DoP Julian Schwanitz. I have to draw your attention to the lovely shot I captured from the Erskine Bridge looking down on the boat at sunset. It was a crazy rush chasing the boat in the car, but very please to have captured that.

Standard Life mortgage video

It’s been a busy week, but it all began with a shoot at Standard Life HQ. Here I have lit for a 2 person interview using a 1k softbox as the main key light with a LED panel covering  the other speaker. Behind each person is a dedolight, and in the background I’ve used an Arri 650 with a turquoise gel to bring some depth to the hanging room divider. I shot on a C100 while the B-cam was a C300 (I know, crazy right?) but it was for web and while I’m happy shooting with anything it was juts more convenient this way.

corporate video shoot edinburgh

Solar Access solar panels film

Yesterday I was shooting a film for Solar Access. We travelled to York to film some of the 4,000 solar panels they have installed at the John Smiths Brewery. SolarAccess is an international designer, developer and operator of industrial solar power projects with activities in various European locations. The brewery is operated by Heineken, who hosts the largest solar energy systems of any brewery in Europe.


Homecoming Scotland 2014 Showcase


This week I was commissioned to edit a showcase Homecoming Scotland 2014 events for Visit Scotland. The film provides a short, sharp and punchy snapshot of some of the Homecoming events from the first six months and what’s yet to come.


On a technical note:using so much recycled material from their archive meant having to try and remove lots of preexisting embedded graphics. I was able to do 90% but resizing and using a 2.35 aspect ratio to hide things, but there remains a few elusive ones that I couldn’t remove. Such is life. It does irritate me though, clean content next time please!

When dealing with a project like this that contains a wide variety of aspect ratio, format and styles clients can forget that you don’t just drop it all together, it can take time to conform things to standards and integrating the motion graphics (especially across programmes) take time. The project was edited on FCP 7 (yes, still struggling on before I jump to Premier or X…) and After Effects CS 5 for the motion graphics.

Commonwealth Games XX Venue Films

Last month I created Glasgow Commonwealth Games films for each of the Commonwealth venues on behalf of Game on Scotland. I filmed world-class sporting venues across Glasgow from the Emirates Areas through to the Athletes’ Village.

The film was produced by Metro Broadcast and I shot all the greeenscreen over the course of a day at Commonwealth House and often shot two or three venues a day. So a tight turn-around, filming with a sound recordist and a director. All the films were shot on the Canon 5D mk3 and where time  allowed I used a slider, steadicam and crane – all my own kit which is also available for hire.

Since I didn’t edit this series myself I may cut a quickie highlights film of my favourite bits if I find the time in the coming weeks. But I’m off the the Highlands tomorrow morning shooting documentary  ‘Where You’re Meant to Be‘ – a Scottish Musical road trip. The film is part of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme, and the ensuing film is set to premiere after the close of the Games, in late August. So if you’re near the Village Hall at Drumnadrochit tomorrow night you can still get tickets.

‘People Make Glasgow’ advert

I’ve been a busy camera operator recently, and yesterday I was shooting a commercial yesterday for Cask Productions at the Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow with comedian Raymond Mearns. We only had 7 extras for an hour and a half so I hope you’ll agree we’ve done a good job to make it look busy on a Sunday afternoon. This short section of the 30 second ad features people arriving at the club and engaging with Ray on a night out.This short section will make up one of 5 locations and should air on TV in the coming months. I was working with the consummate professional David Reilly at Cask Productions and the client was Glasgow City Marketing Bureau.

Commercial Camera Operator Ryan  Blackwood is available for filming commercial and documentary work throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland.


K4000 video 1×1 LED Lights Edinburgh

Our F&V 4000 1×1 LED light is available for hire across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland. Our Dry Hire department is open 24/7 and our kit is tested and maintained, and our rates are competitive. In addition to our comprehensive kit available for hire we have a range of DSLR Rental packages as well DSLR lenses and lighting rental.

F&V 4000 LED Panel Light Hire / £50 for x3 Panels or £20 Each (Kit includes V mount battery adapter, x2 Genuine Sony Batteries, Dual battery charger)

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