Tiger Tracks at Edinburgh Zoo

I spent a couple of hours testing the 150fps slow motion on the Sony FS7 camera at Edinburgh Zoo. Jen and Olly got to see  Jambi, the magnificent male tiger up close through the new Tiger Tracks enclosure.

The Sumatran tiger is a subspecies of tiger found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and it is estimated that fewer than 400 of these majestic tigers are left in the wild. In 1978, experts estimated the population of Sumatran tigers at 1,000. Whilst these tigers are protected by law in Indonesia, increased deforestation and poaching has led to their significant decline and, without help, the Sumatran tiger faces the very real threat of extinction.

Don’t think changing to a tasty eco palm-oil free peanut butter can really make a difference. Only lobbying your politician or support an organization campaigning on these issues can really help at this stage. Fewer than 400!

Support an organisation like the WWF to donate to help stop poachers from killing these beautiful animals.